Summer Tutoring and Classes

☼ Summer! ☼


Monday – Sunday (scheduled appointments)

Our teachers work individually with students in all subjects. Curriculum is designed and adapted to specifically target that student’s individual needs and goals. We can review the previous year’s learning or advance into next year’s curriculum.

COLLEGE PREP (For our high schoolers!)

Summer is a perfect time to get ready for college admission. We help identify colleges that would be a good fit for the student, write essays, begin applications, research scholarships and grants, prepare for entrance exams, teach interview techniques, etc.


It's the perfect time to prepare for the SAT/ACT test. Students can take a sample test here at our center and then review it privately with one of our teachers to address the specific areas to practice. Tips and tricks are unique for each student! Students will also learn proven test taking strategies to help maximize their overall points. All of our SAT/ACT materials and techniques have been adapted to the new style of tests!

ISEE/SSAT/Gifted and Talented PREP

Students who will be applying to private schools or gifted programs can prepare for their entrance exams by coming in to our center and taking full practice tests to review with our testing specialist. All the tips and tricks are specifically adapted to each student and their skills and knowledge, and they will review and practice any subjects or skills they will need to feel confident on the tests.


Students will learn the skills they will be using in their next school year and practice them with their tutor. Curriculum and teaching methods are uniquely designed for each new student, so they will always be practicing exactly what they need to practice.


Each session we will focus on a different part of writing an essay – from each paragraph’s job to using transitions and doing research. Students will have the opportunity to write a full persuasive and expository essay and practice editing and revising techniques.


We will focus on writing each of the core high school-level essays: persuasive/argumentative, compare/contrast and cause/effect, expository/research-based synthesis, and literary analysis. We will complete, from outline to final edits, about one essay per week. This class is not recommended for students who need to practice basic essay writing. Students will also practice researching, notating, using quotes effectively, MLA citations (in-text and bibliographic), and diction/syntax.


10 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday

(Advanced sign-up required – amount of hours is flexible)
Students entering 3rd through 7th grades have the opportunity to increase their skills in math and reading. Our lab is teacher-monitored and students receive individual programs based on their needs.

– Accelerated Math: Ensures mastery of math computation skills.
– Reading Strategies: Focuses on word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.


Our nonprofit, Academic Link Outreach, is offering small group classes this summer! They are full of great practice and preparation for next year's schol skills and subjects. Take a look!

Click the class page links below for detailed descriptions!:

Heading into Kindergarten
Heading into 1st Grade
2nd-5th Grade Skills for School Success
6th-8th Grade Skills for Math Success
Middle School Language Arts
Intro to High School Writing

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